Novastar (LINSN) LED screen over fiberoptical cable


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Most of Led Screens available in Europe (and China of course) is driven by Novastar products. All data connections are made with typical CAT5e cables.
We are limited to 100 meters of cable – just like in normal ethernet networks.

Few weeks ago I’ve had job at which Novastar senders had to be away from the screen for more than 300 meters. Of course there is no chance to use CAT5 cable.

Novastar sells fiber optical converters that can send LED screen signal for more than 300 meters – but I couldn’t get them in our warehouse soon enough.

First thing that came to my head was using regular Gigabit Optical Media Converters with Novastar. We own many TPLink MC220L SFP media converters that we use making hotspots on events.


Schematic of connection:

Novastar MCTRL660 ——- RJ45 —–> TP-Link —– 350 m Fiber —> TP-Link —- RJ45 —-> Led Screen

Connection works! So you can use that (and propably any other Gigabit fiber to RJ45 mediaconverter).


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